Skies of Joy -          Mind  Body  Spirit  Wellness
SKIES      OF     JOY
Ordained Healing Minister            Certified Spiritual Counselor
Certified Life Coach                    Certified Hypnotherapist
Nutritional/Detox Counseling         Addictions Therapy
Anger Management                        Substance Abuse
Foot Therapy                                Detox Foot Baths                                   Ear Candling                                 Juice Fasting Programs
Weight Loss                                  Sleep & Pain Therapy
Body Work Therapy                        EFT Therapy       
Energy Medicine                             Reiki
Medical Qi Gong Touch Therapy
Kinesiology Muscle/Mind Therapy
Individual & Couples Counseling        
Call today to Feel Better! Live Better!  336 620 2625
$10 off any Session with mention of this ad!
$50 1 hour Counseling      $60 Couples Counseling
$50 1 hour  Foot & Hand Therapy with Detox Ionic Foot Bath
$50 1 hour Hypnotherapy
$60 1 hour Energy Medicine Bodywork with Detox Ionic Foot Bath
$70 2 hour Energy Bodywork Session & Foot Bath                                                         
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